Misc Unsigned Bands - Brendan Hines - Miss New York chords


CHobos and tacos
Fand broken down Hondas
C GNo-doze and slo-mos and Jane Fucking Fondas
CSunshine and red wine
FAnd how is the torque?
CG CI miss New York
CFuck you but thank you
FMay I ask who's calling?
C GRun throughs and jet blues and beach volleyballing
CPalm trees, exposed knees
Fpunched Mickey Rourke
C G CI miss New York
F G C FWashington Square, are you still there?
F G C F GDo you still have drugs, jugglers and bucks to spare?
CSunglasses, free passes
Fand come see my band
C GValets and bad plays and condoms in sand
CFreeways and delays,
GCarnitas means pork
C G CBut I miss New York
C FMarine layers, mad dog stares and avocados
C GDrunk driving, high fiving, money up my nose
CTexting and sexing,
GI hugged Mickey Rourke
C G CBut I miss New York
F G C F Tompkins Square, are you still there?
F G C F C Do you still have bugs, mohawks and drugs to spare?
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