Misc Unsigned Bands – Voodoo Kids - Party chords

Intro:  C Em Am F C Em Am F           (Verse is 4 counts per chord. chorus/intro is 8 counts)

 Do it like we did once           C
 When we were kids yo        Em
 We would be the best just-  Am
 -to know that we can do it     F

 Party like a rockstar                         C
 Moving to the dance floor                 Em
 I cam for the drinks-                        Am
 -but tonight I'm getting much more     F
 Slick with the fist pump     C 
 On a mission get some    Em
 going on a beer run-         Am
 -drink until we have fun      F

 Party like a flash back      C
 Topic getting off track      Em
 Hitting those trees then-   Am
 Operation get snack!         F

 (Chorus/Interlude)  C Em Am F C Em Am F

 I try to work the system         C
 You see I have a vision         Em
 That everyone together can-  Am
 -work toward better living        F

 Independent mission             C
 Hot up in the kitchen            Em
 Never fucking home 'cause-  Am
 -I'm always gone fishing        F

 Party in the bathtub            C
 Going on a long run           Em
 This is what I got when-     Am
 -I tried to write a love song   F

 Gotta' get my drink on               C
 What the hell went wrong         Em
 Practice makes perfect-           Am 
 -but I always lose at beer pong   F
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