Misc Unsigned Bands - Crystal Bernard - Dont Touch Me There chords

Artist: Bernard Crystal
Song: Don't Touch Me There
Album: Don't Touch Me There
Chords by: Juscoolfella - Daryll Kyle

BThere is a place inside of me
A EWhere you are not suppose to be
BAre you listening
BSomehow you slip inside the walls
A EThat's when my rusted armor falls
BI hear whispering
A BFrom a voice inside of me
A BThat's screaming silently
EDon't touch me there
AIt doesn't belong to you
C#m BYou can't use me anymore
EDon't touch me there
AI am no longer yours
C#m BYou can't bruise me like before
BDon't touch me there
Well maybe I cry too easily I couldn't escape an injury Let me walk away 'Cause you are much harder to resist When you keep holding me like this With no words to say And my heart begins to feel The wound that just won't heal Chorus *
G#m A BI'm stronger to the ways of love
F#m C#m G#MI have grown accustom to the pain
E A BBut my heart still remains
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