Misc Unsigned Bands - 5 Way Street - Rockin On The Bus chords

the whole song goes 4 counts of d then four counts of d without the second finger(x2) 
then 4 counts of a then four counts of a and then 4 counts of a7. repeat through the whole 
song. the d variation will be called d<


Drockin on the bus
D<rockin on the bus
Dthe wheels are rocking
D<and there aint no stoping
Awhile were rocking on the bus
Drocking down the street
D<cranking out the jams
Ai open up the door
A<and makes a big ole slam
A A7if you wanna rock with me
A A7then get on the bus and grab some seat
Djust pull up a seat
D<get comfortable
D D<cause we'll be rockin for a while
A A7 A A7we'll be rockin for hundreds of miles
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