Misc Unsigned Bands – The Starlit Jewel - The Road Goes Ever On chords

The Starlit Jewel - The Road Goes Ever On 

Hobbit Walking Song
words (c)J.R.R. Tolkien, music (c)Marion Zimmer Bradley and Margaret Davis

you can listen to the song at the website of the CD: http://www.flowinglass.com/sjewel.html
or search for the whole song at youtube...

I tabbed this song for people who just want to sing along...
it is not a perfect tab of what the guitar plays on the CD.

G(v): 353533

F BbRoads go ever ever on,
F Bb G(v)Over rock and under tree,
F BbBy caves where never sun has shone,
F G(v) FBy streams that never find the sea;
F COver snow by winter sown,
F Bb G(v) CAnd through the merry flowers of June,
F BbOver grass and over stone,
F G(v) FAnd under mountains in the moon.
F BbRoads go ever ever on
F Bb G(v)Under cloud and under star,
F BbYet feet that wandering have gone
F G(v) FTurn at last to home afar.
F CEyes that fire and sword have seen
F Bb G(v) CAnd horror in the halls of stone
F BbLook at last on meadows green
F G(v) FAnd trees and hills they long have known.
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