Misc Unsigned Bands - David Mayfield Parade - Breath Of Love chords

Breath of Love
Capo 4

Intro  C-G-C-G-C-F-C
C G F CThere is a breath of love in the air
F C GIt kisses my ear like a song
C G F CAnd it blows its fingers all through my hair
C G F Fmaj7 Fsus2(Fmaj7)It shows me where I want to belong
C G F CThere is a ribbon of her in my heart
F C GIt gives and it takes like a drug
C G F C I want to be more than we are
C G F Fmaj7 Fsus2(Fmaj7)I wish kisses would grow out of hugs
F C G AmTwo hearts beat like four dancing feet
F C GThey move to rhythm of love
F C G AmIf you cant decide if youre dead or alive
F C GYou just need to feel that way once
F C G C And you know theres a breath of love in your lungs
G F CThere is a sign of God in the trees
F C GTheyve surrounded my house like a wall
C G F C And Im alive just like the leaves
C G F Fmaj7 Fsus2(Fmaj7)But Im scared Ill be dead in the fall
C G F CThere is some hope for me in her words
F C G I guess well see where it goes
C G F CBut if I could be anything Id be hers
F C G F Fmaj7 Fsus2(Fmaj7)Im sweet on her I suppose
Chorus Intro Enjoy!
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