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INTRO x3E|2-1--1-2-1--2-2-1--3-2-1--4///////////1|B|---2-2----2-3----2-4----2-5///////////2|G|-----1------2------3------4///////////1|
VERSE 1E|--0vvv0vvv0----------------------------------------------------|B|5vvv5vvv5vv----0---0---0---------------------------------------|G|-------------4vvv4vvv4vv----0---0---0--------------------------|D|--------------------------4vvv4vvv4vv----0---0---0-------------|A|---------------------------------------5vvv5vvv5vv----0---0---0|E|----------------------------------------------------5vvv5vvv5vv|
SO WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH A ROUGH TIME LOVE ISNT MUCH CAN'T HANDLE THE PAIN THAT CAME WITH YOUR MARRIAGECHORUS1E|2-1--1--3-2--2--4-3--3--5-4--4----3------2-1---1--1|B|---2-2-----3-3-----4-4-----5-5----4------3--2-2---2|G|-----1-------2-------3-------4----3------2---1----1|
Love equals pain pain equals love what ever happened to staying together through best or wrost of times Deal with the pain VERSE 2 __________ SO WHAT! LIFE HAS BEEN TORTURING> YOUR SPOUCE DOESENT CARE NO HOPE FOR A SECOND CHANCE SUICIDAL OR MURDEROUS TENDENCIES COME TO MIND CHORUS 2 __________ love equals pain pain equals love what ever happened to death do us part? get help save the love SOLO (REPEAT THROUGH OUT OUTRO)
WHERES THE LOVE? OHHHHH WHERE WHERE CAN WE LOOKE|---------------------------------------2-1h2vvvv1h2vvvv1h2vv|B|---------------------2--111122223333------------------------|G|11111122222333333--------------------2b---------------------|D|------------------2b----------------------------------------| THROUGH GOOD TIMES OR BAD TIMES< THROUGH IN SICKNESS ON IN HEALTH YOU MADE A PROMISE, EMBRACE IT FIGHT WITH LOVE ON THE FRONT LINE FIND THE LOVE,,,FIGHT THE PAIN
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