Misc Unsigned Bands - April Chase - All You Need To Say tab

All You Need To Say by April Chase
Tab by Christian Back

Intro/Post-Chorus x3e|--4--4--x--6---|x3B|--5--5--x--5---|G|--6--6--x--4---|D|--6--6--x--6---|A|--4--4--x--4---|E|---------------|
Verse – Just use single strum of these two chords.
Pre-chorus (never speak of love, AGAINNNNN)[when you let the last chord ring, slide up before you move on to the chorus to get that crescendo effect]
Chorus (Listen to the song for the rhythm but here are the chords, after this go back to the intro)
Notes: I know the intro has that little slidee|--4-----6---|B|--5-----7---|G|--6-----8---|D|--6-----8---|A|--4-----6---|E|------------| (or something like that, you get the jist)But I didn’t figure out yet to see how that would sound good on one acoustic guitar since April Chase uses two guitars for this song, so I just do the simpler way on top.If you need anything or got any advice lmk! Email: cveezy@gmail.com
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