Misc Unsigned Bands - Ryan - X-men Born This Way chords

Took lyrics from Ryan of theWarpZone/GameStation on youtube
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8JjKTcpfj8) and the chords from the Lady Gaga song 
"Born this way".
I take no credit for song or lyrics but could not find the two combined anywhere
(written down that is, Ryan has combined them), so thought I would write it down. Since 
I did
that I thought I might as well shared it since there might be others who where looking 
for it.

(Btw the way, im not sure these are the chords he uses, I dont think it is, but if
someone wanna use this and put in the chords he uses, be my guest :) )

Capo 2

It doesn't matter if you love men, or X-M-E-N
Just put your Claws up!
'Cause baby, you were born this way


E DProfessor told me when I was young
A EI was born with super powers
E DI slicked my hair and put some spandex on
A EAin't no yellow suits like ours
E DGovernment thinks that we're a threat
A EBut they don't have the right to say
E DYou can't shoot laser beams out of your head
A EYou might have trouble getting laid
EI'm a mutant, not gay
DI think God made a mistake
ABut I'm an X-man baby
EI was born this way
EJust hide yourself in our school
DIceman keeps it so cool
AI'm an X-Man baby
EI was born this way
EIn the Blackbird, fly away
DBlow your mind just like Jean Grey
A EBaby I was born this way
EHavok's gonna save the day
DWith his blast of plasma ray
AWe are the X Men, baby
EWe were born this way
E DRaise up your claws like Wolverine
E DOr let it out with a Banshee scream
E Dred, blue, steel, or hairy chest
E Dscaly pores or diamond breasts
E DIf your super abilities
E DKilled your friends or families
E DJust lay low with us today
ECause baby
you're kinda stuck this way
ENo matter good, bad, or both
DTeam X or Team Magneto
AWe can be best friends except
EFor that douche bag Pyro
EWe made a movie again
DWolverine Origins
AWas a fluke now First Class
EIs an epic win!
EIn the Blackbird fly away
DBlow your mind
AWe are the X-Men baby
EWe were born this way!
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