Misc Unsigned Bands - Recall - Etota Bhalobashi tab

It took me some time to figure out the whole song.

The whole song is covered using just 3 chords - E, B and A
But there is a slight twist.

E- 022100B*- 004440A- 002220B- 004442
E B* Jokhon nijhum raate, shob kichu chup A B* B Nishpran nogorite, jhijhirao ghum.. Chorus - E B* A B*-B Etota Bhalobashi.. Now, for the plucking.. The song starts like this..
E B* A B* Be|-----0--|-----0---|-----0--------0----|-----0----2-----|B|--------|---------|------2--------2---|--------4-------|G|--------|----4----|----2--2-----2--2--|----4-----------|D|----2---|---4-----|---2----2---2----2-|---4------------|A|---2----|-0-------|-0--------0--------|-0--------------|E|-0------|---------|-------------------|----------------|
And the chorus..
E B* A Be|-----0--|-----0--|-----0-----2---|B|--------|--------|--------4------|G|--------|----4---|----2----------|D|----2---|---4----|---2-----------|A|---2----|-0------|-0-------------|E|-0------|--------|---------------|
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