Misc Unsigned Bands - Word And Life Worship - Our God Reigns Forever chords

Our God reigns forever  Key B (alt Key E)
Written by Andrew Graham   Tempo:142

.F# G#m E X2Verse 1
.B God of hope and God of love
You're the God that saved our lives God for all and God for us It's for justice that You died Verse 2
.BGod of all the universe
. E F#You are mighty and You reign
.G#m B in Your hands our lives unfold
. E F#We will glorify Your name
Pre chorus
.E F#We will rejoice We will be glad
Chorus 1
. B E B Our God reigns forever our God reigns
. G#m E F#lift our hands to heaven an offering of praise
Interlude: .E F# G#m E G#m F# Chorus 2
. G#m E B Our God reigns forever our God reigns
. G#mDeath is broken
. E F#You have risen from the grave
. E Our God reigns
.E F#We persue to know You Lord
. G#m You will come like the rain
. B F#Break through like the day
Structure Intro x2, verse 1, verse 2, pre chorus, chorus 1, interlude, intro x1, verse 2, pre chorus, chorus 1, chorus 2, interlude, bridge x2, chorus 1, chorus 2
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