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Intro For "Astronaut's" New Song "Alien Song" From 
Their New Album "Unidentified Flying Disaster".
This New Album Is The First "Official" Album
The Band Will Be Releasing, Release Date: September 2011.
This Song May Not Appear On The Published Record.
This Song Will Be Availible On iTunes In August 2011.

Palm Mute = .

Guitar 1:

E|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------| x2D|-22222-222222-------4444-444444------6666-6666666----|A|-22222-222222-------4444-444444------6666-6666666----|E|-----------------------------------------------------| . . .
Guitar 2:
E|---------------| B|---------------|G|---------------| x8 D|---------------|A|---------------|E|-111-2-11111-2-| .
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