Misc Unsigned Bands - Ben West - Simply Easy chords

			     SIMPLY EASY - Ben West

Song : Simply Easy
Artist : Ben West 
Album : Past Visit (03-06)
Tabbed by : JBW

Tuning : Standard

for the riff the C#m7 is just a walking chord. Listen to the song for the rhythm. 
It's the same throughout the whole song and if you want you can do however you like :)

Chords Used : Cm7    C#m7    Dm7

Intro / verse / chorus : Cm7 C#m7 Dm7 C#m7 Rain drops fall down onto the ground Listen closely to the sound Simply easy calms me down Oh it feels like x4 Face of a beauty queen mind out this world Lovers, fighters one another we have and it's simply easy it calms me down Oh it feels like x4 solo I love the way the everyday I get to see the thing that makes me feel this way x2 oh it feels like x2 fade
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