Misc Unsigned Bands - The Michael Wade Band - Heroes And Legends chords

E G A EOn the road about half past eight
E G A ENowhere to go so I cant be late
E G A EI got a bottle of jack and a two bit cigar
E G A EA pocket full of change won't get me that far
E G A EThe kings riding shotgun and playing on the radio
E G A EWere on our way and know which way to go
E G A EHe said go west my friend and you will surely find
E G A EA cat playing fiddle he's a friend of mine
(Chorus) He said
C G DWhat does it take to be a hero
C G DWhat does it take to go far
C G DWhat does it take to be a hero
C G DWhat does it take to be a star
E G A EHollywood in Vine the bright city lights
E G A EThe whiskey a go-go down on sunset tonight
E G A EJim's lighting fires the king jumps in
E G A EHeart Break Hotel and the Morrison Inn
E G A EHead up north to the San Luis county Line
E G A EThe king gets quite with something on his mind
E G A DYou see this is where jimmy dean lost his life back in 1955
E G A EA broken line a legend lost before his time
E G A EHead to Frisco with Gerry and the Boys
E G A EHeight and Ashbury and all them toys
E G A EThe Fillmores rocking Janis and her Mercedes Benz
E G A EThe kings on his thrown with his addition again
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