Misc Unsigned Bands - Watkinsville Worship - Only To You chords

--- Capo 2---

[Verse 1}

C#m A2 EKing of glory have Your way
C#m A2 EIn my heart and in this place
C#m A2 ELet Your Kingdom come and stay
C#m A2 BShow the power of Your name
[Pre chorus]
F#mAnd I will lift my voice
G#m BTo the Makerís throne
F#mAnd I will lift my voice
G#m BUp to You alone
EItís only to You
A2That I give all the glory
EAnd itís only to You
A2That I offer up my praise
C#mThereís nothing to lose
A2But the breath that You gave me
F#m EYou died and You saved me
C#m A2 BTo make me Yours
[Verse 2] Let Your will be my desire And Your name be lifted high Take this pride Iím living for You alone are my reward [Chorus] I am Yours (4x) Go to [Pre chorus] x2 , then [Chorus]
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