Misc Unsigned Bands - Flea The Fleet - Told You So tab


C9 A C9 A Em PRE-CHORUS: She's in love with feeling loved, it feels so G C9 A C9 Em great\ Heíll wait to doom her faith, tell her whatís real is Am C C9\G really fake\ G C9 Em Chorus: When all hope is gone, with no distraction or G G5 Em diversion\ When youíre reaching for the gun, just give me Am C Em your attention\ Youíll be my intention, Iíll be your only one, C9 G weíll reach towards the sun\ Em C9 C9\G G Em C9 C9\G VERSE 2: How doesnít he go insane? His brainís trained to feel no G Em C9 C9\G G shame\ Her heartís dying, while trying to find a flame\ Em C9 C9\G G Em C9 Sheís crying from losing after being played\ She gave to C9\G G Em C9 C9\G much, heíll make her pay\ Thereís no retake on mistakes G already made\ PRE-CHORUS & CHORUS. SOLO & OUTRO.
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