Misc Unsigned Bands - Call To Glory - Roll With Me chords

This is just the chords in it, I figured it out in like 5 minutes, if theres 
anything wrong with me, message me, don't just complain about it, let me fix it. 
I'm not even putting the lyrics in. Cause I'm lazy. Might get the solo bits in 
sooner or later, depending on my state of insomnia/boredom.

Verse- G, D, Em, C

Blah blah blah first time I saw you...

Chorus- G, D, C, D

Roll with me todayyyyyyayay

Break- C... C... G, D, Em, C

G, D, Em, C, rinse and repeat

back to the other stuff

Doubt I'll get any kind comments about this song... Just listen to it, it's fairly 
easy... whelp, if you have any corrections, just message me on here.
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