Misc Unsigned Bands - Powerslave - Maidens Of Death tab

Maidens Of Death - Powerslave
2011 Tuning EADGBe

Intro: Using Capo in the 3th fret with distortion and then the clean part:

e|-3---|B|-3---|G|-3---| With DistortionA|-5---|D|-5---|E|-3---|
Riff A: 2 times the clean part When you do the second time you repeat only 1 time the part 1. and then the 2.
1.Parte|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---3---3----3---3---3---3---3----| Repeat this part 3 times and then:A|----5---5----5---5---5---5---5---|D|--5---5----4---4---3---3---3-----|E|-3---3----3---3---3---3---3------|
The second clean part 2 times (still capo in that fret)
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