Misc Unsigned Bands – The Lambs - Saturday Night chords

Saturday Night by The Lambs

Guitar only      E    G    D    F   x 2

Full band        E    G    D    F   x 2


E G D FStanding at the bar on a Saturday night
E G D FSomeone wants a fight and I know that Im up for it
E G D FTen pints of lager and Im feeling all right
E G D FUnemployed and gutted and my lifes going nowhere
E G D F x 4 Lifes going nowhere...
VERSE 2: Wake up Sunday morning smell of beer in the air Read the Sunday papers to make sense of this crazy world Im one of lifes good guys but somewhere it went wrong Society has trapped me and my lifes going nowhere CHORUS 2 VERSE 3: Another Monday comes the job centre calls me A woman tells me about lots of job opportunities From the mundane to the boring feels like my hands are tied Im an educated man and my lifes going nowhere CHORUS 3 VERSE 4: I did everything right from the start up to now Got an education even went university But now I swim in debt I dont know which way to turn Im screaming for some help coz my lifes going nowhere CHORUS 4
E G D F x 4Going nowhere, going nowhere, going nowhere...
CHORUS 5 CHORUS 6 (Ladbury 2010)
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