Misc Unsigned Bands – Crowding Mainstreet - Passion Creates Pursuit tab

Verse 1: Am F G D/F# i know that theres got to be more to life than this Am F G D/F# numbness i feel everyday Am F G D/F# this robotic motion Am C G D/F# of not caring either way Pre Chorus: Am F and if passion creates pursuit Am G then where are you today Am F cause i burn hotter than 10,000 suns Am D/F# every time that your away Chorus: Am Im dying to hold you Im dying to breathe G D/F# Im dying to have you right here next to me Am If the wings of my angel Were here in my bed G D/F# I wouldn't be regretting the words that I said Am G D/F# But passion creates pursuit D/F# Em C So now I'm here with out you Bridge: Am I burn when im alone G But i drown in a crowd Am I die when its quiet D/F# Cause the silence seems so loud Am I die from the thought G of the words left unsaid Am Eventually I'll die D/F# from the tears that i've bled
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