Misc Unsigned Bands – Jamie Mcdowell - Sister chords

**** I made some changes, sorry I mucked up some lyrics in the first one!******

I only heard this AMAZING song today and was so excited that I had to work it out. 
Please excuse any mistakes... 
I would love my sister to play this at my wedding :) (wink wink hannah)
chords by Amelia Watson
Jamie McDowell

CHORDS: (repeated throughout the whole song) LIsten to the song to work out the 
"feel" of it. Cheers.

A     E   (step up to F)    A2/F#     D

A EWell here's to my sister, and here's to her boy
(F) A2/F# DHere's to the company, the love she implores
Its taken her over, its taken her guard Its stolen her shelter, its given her charm To all that's uncertain, to all that's belief To all of the reckless, that goes with those needs To keeping the honest, and to keeping the kind To owning the humble, to being a wife Here's to my… sister…. Well here's to her mother, and here is to his They gave their love, that's bought about this To both of those fathers, who wore on their faces Honest affection, and that true dedication Its louder than voices, and stronger than words A daughter to learn from, a son that turned her's Well he is the goodness, and he is the kind and he is awareness, now he is her smile He makes me standing, he made me want To call him my brother, to call him Her One So here's to my brother, and here's to His Her Here's to their balance, and here's to their mirth We are beginners, we are complete Though the rest is unwritten, the beginning has been Louder than voices, stronger than words A husband to wish on, a wife beyond words She's been my reason, she's been my guard (?) So here's to her reason, here's to her charm So here's the.... Mr and Mrs.... x 3 ___________________ Hope this helps :)
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