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To Boddah - Song by "Keep Running" 
Written By : Renan Vianna

Asus2 : (x02200)
E7    : (020200)
C     : (032010)
E     : (022100)
G     : (320033) 

Intro : Asus2 , E7,  C


Asus2           E7     C

There's Good in All of Us
Just Know  the adress, I Feel
Sorry      for people, they don't
Feel          What i Can Feel

Chorus :

E          G

Anyway, In the End They will 
want me , the tears that I
Leave are clouds by god
Was not all as i thought 

Asus2     C     (x2)

Solo :
Repeat this 4 times---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---2-------0-4-5-----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat this 4 times too---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|----6-------2--5--2--0-----------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|
Asus2 C (x2) Verse : Peace, Love, Empathy Was All i did not worry it's better to burn Out than o fade ... Chorus : Away, My Face has be- come hateful He told me to Forget You... Asus2 C (x2) Verse : The Drafts on The table Resulting innthis confusion od lines in your head and i always think that... Chorus : Way.... Peace, Love, Empathy... ... Was All I did not worry Asus2 C (x4)
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