Misc Unsigned Bands – Adam Lester - Song For The Day chords

Song:    Song for the Day
Artist:  Adam Lester
Album:   Alone

Note - Chord Structures at base of page.
- Chord Structures are relative to capo.

Key:     B (G - Capo on 4th Fret)

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Outtro

C2   C2/B   Am   Em
C2   C2/B   Am
C2   C2/B   Am   Em
C2   C2/B   D/F#m   G

G D/F#m Am C2/B Em7 C2E---3----2----0----3----0----3---|B---3----3----1----3----0----3---|G---0----2----2----0----0----0---|D---0----0----2----x----2----2---|A---2----x----0----2----2----3---|E---3----2----x----x----0----0---|
Tabbed: R. Woolley Suggestions - mugs_man@hotmail.com
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