Misc Unsigned Bands – Chase This City - Stay chords

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Artist: Chase This City
Song: Stay
Album: Stay EP (2009), All That's on Your Mind (2011)

This is just a song called Stay from my band that I decided to post the chart for, for 
reference for some fans. Check us out at the links above. Thanks for reading!

Here's all the chords used in the song. Pretty simple. I called that one suspended chord 
'G#/A', but I'm not sure if it's the right name or not. I just used that because the 
bass note is a G#.

C#m A B G#/B Ee|--0---------0--------0---------0---------0---------------------------------|B|--0---------0--------0---------0---------0---------------------------------|G|--4---------4--------4---------4---------1---------------------------------|D|--2---------2--------4---------2---------2---------------------------------|A|--4---------0--------2---------x---------2---------------------------------|E|--x---------x--------x---------4---------0---------------------------------|
Capo 3 (all chords relative to the capo) Intro: C#m A B G#/A A B (x2)
Verse 1: C#m A B G#/A A BJust keep repeating this progression up until the chorus. The strumming pattern changes
halfway through, but it's very easy to catch.
C#m A BJust so you know you're the one and only reason
G#/A A BI haven't left this dead-end town.
C#m A BNot that the others aren't important
G#/A A Bbut compared to you they're always letting me down.
C#m A BAnd yes, I do know what I am missing.
G#/A A BI still want to get out of here
C#m A BSometime soon, but it's the presence of you
G#/A A Bthat keeps me from regretting this year.
(Continue same progression) And If you don't know what to say, don't say anything at all. Just know I made my own mistake. I took a risk and took a fall. Now these walls are closing in, and as I'm trying to escape, I'm so afraid this time away has pulled the life from me. Chorus
E A B ASo maybe you could stay
E A B Afor just a few more days.
E A B AYou mean so much to me,
E A B Ait's hard to even explain.
B AWhen you're gone I'll fall asleep by your picture,
B Aalthough it's never near enough.
B AI'll sing this song when I am dying,
B Aand I'll hold you close when times get tough.
Whoas - Same as chorus Verse 2 - Same as verse 1 Any time you need me, you know that I'll be here. I'll try my best to help you and I'll wipe away those tears. And all that I ask in return is just stay by my side. I'll forgive your weaknesses if you look past mine. Repeat chorus Repeat "Whoas" x2 End with Intro.
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