Misc Unsigned Bands – Word And Life Worship - With Your Holy Spirit chords

Left handed
With Your Holy Spirit    Key A  (alt Key D)
Written by Andrew Graham   Tempo 72   4/4

.A  D 

.A D Where I am You will be
. AYou will never leave me
. DI am here to seek You Lord
. EI want You more and more
Verse2 How I long to feel Your touch Jesus change my life I will wait on You now When You speak help me to hear Chorus
. D With Your Holy Spirit You'll lead me
. A E/G#And Your Holy Spirit will set me free
. D A/C#It's Your Holy Spirit that'll change me
. Bm AYour Holy Spirit will draw me near
Structure Intro, verse1, verse2, Chorus, verse1, verse2 chorusx2, instrumental,
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