Misc Unsigned Bands – Go Sailor - Ray Of Sunshine chords

Go Sailor - Ray Of Sunshine
Tabbed By: JMG

E B A E B Aher melody wants her desperately
E B A G Acried only tears, cause she so far from here
F# E G Bb Bshe's a ray of sunshine
F# E G Bb Bmy only ray of sunshine
E B A E B Ayellow hair, far away stare
E B A G Anothing's right, 'cause she's not here tonight
Chorus Bridge
A BI know that I'm going nowhere
E D AI wish that she'd come back to me
E A E Ashe's all I need, she's all I need
E A D Ball I need to end my misery
E, B, A (x3) G A Play the chorus twice, then end on an E
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