Misc Unsigned Bands – Michele Barton Thomas - Too Old To Party chords

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Too Old To Party 
© Michele Barton Thomas 2011 

3/4 time!

C At a bar at midnight
C7 My eyes are half closed
F C My head is restin' on the wall
There's a cowboy to my right He looks good tonight
G He's dark, handsome and tall
F But the musics too loud
C And I don't like the crowd
G I wanna go home and lie down in my Select Comfort Sleep Number bed
G7 Oh my aching head
C C7 I'm falling asleep and I'm starting to snore
F G C I'm too old to party anymore
My man broke my heart Couple weeks ago I spend my time sitting at home I'm a little bit sad But it ain't that bad So I decided I'll just be alone (Chorus) But then my friend brought me here She keeps buyin' me beer She wants me out on the town trying to find myself a new man That's her plan But this ain't the way I wanna even the score I'm too old to party anymore She wants me to drink She wants me to dance She wants me to flirt with the men This is her cure But I ain't so sure I don't think I'll ever do this again (Chorus) My jeans are too tight Lord, I'm a pitiful sight I wanna go home and put on my comfy baggy ole sweats I'm such a mess I'm so tired, gonna fall to the floor I'm too old to party anymore You may say I'm a bore But I'm headed straight for the door I'm too old to party anymore I'm too old to party anymore
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