Misc Unsigned Bands – Word And Life Worship - Victory chords

Victory (key A) alt key DWritten by Chantel Ackerman Tempo 157
. A BmCan you hear His people singing
. A/C# Esongs of hope and songs of love
. A BmThey will dance upon the freedom
. D G Eand their cups will overflow
Verse 2 Can you feel salvation moving In every city and every home for he has risen and defeated Our God is in control Chorus
.A EVictory is ours
.F#m DVictory is ours
. A/C# ENo more sin and no more shame
. F#mWe will never be the same
. D F#m E F#m DIn You we have freedom
verse3 (Same as verse2) can you feel His fire burning In our hearts we are aflame For the cross gave us abundance of a love that never fails Structure: Intro, verse1, verse2, Chorus, verse3, chorusx2
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