Misc Unsigned Bands – Sweetheart - We Are All Connected chords

We are all connected by Sweetheart

A / G / D / A
Verse 1:
AExtra Extra I tried to text ya
GBut your phone was off
And I couldnt getchya
DWe are disconnected
ADoctor Doctor
Can you stop the talking
GVoices in my head
And shadows that are knocking
DOn my doorstep
Now (chorus)
AWe are all Connected
A We are all Connected
DWe are all connected connected
F Can you stop it
GI wanna rocket
(same as vs 1) Extra Extra I tried to play catch up With this modern life Dont let it get the best of me Get out Now Brothers Sisters Can you feel the future The end is out to get you Stay young while you can Beauty is perfection Now Chorus (same as chorus 1) We are all connected Repeat x 2 (bridge)
AI cant
AStop this
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