Misc Unsigned Bands – Word And Life Worship - You Capture My Heart chords

You capture my heart    Key A (alt key E)
Written by Andrew Graham   Tempo 59   6/4

. A    D    F#m    E

Verse 1 
.A DIt's You who captures my heart
.A Dand nothing can take us apart
. F#m E/G#I belong to you alone
. Bm EWhere You are I will find hope
Verse2 Always forever you are near my shelter what shall I fear I belong to you alone Where You are I will find hope Chorus
.D F#m Nothing I can do
. Ecan seperate me from
. Bm F#mThe love You have for me
. EYou gave it on the cross
.D F#m Nothing I can say
. BmCan take Your love away
. D EAway from me
. AYou here with me
.Bm Mountains may depart
.D Hills can be removed
. EThe love You have for us
. Bm EWill be eternaly
Structure: introx2, verse1, Intro, verse2, chorus, intro, verse2, chorus, intro, bridgex2, chorus, intro
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