Misc Unsigned Bands – Kilian Laverty - Geara chords

Geara by Kilian Richard Laverty

Intro- G-Am-C-D-G-Am-C-D at a fast tempo

(slow down the tempo a lot)
Verse 1
G D The sun is shining
C DWhat a beautiful day
G DI hope to see you
C DWhen work is done for the day
Verse 2
G DYour beautiful brown eyes
C DGlancing right at me
G DI look at your smile
C DI can’t help but smile too
G DOh Geara
C DYou mean so much to me
G DOh Geara
CI hope you never go
Verse 3
G DNothing can go wrong
C D While I am with you
G DYou Make the sunrise
C DSeem so much more lovely
Repeat the chorus Repeat intro at moderate tempo Ending
GOh Geara
COh Geara
GOh Geara
COh Geara…….(fades)
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