Misc Unsigned Bands – Ground Crew - Raccoon chords

Performed by Ground Crew and Great Atomic Power
written by Dave Matheson, transcribed by m_Pony

E C#7Under your porch and up your tree, raccoon
B7 E6 Baug more kids than a catholic family, raccoon
E C#7they don't have jobs or worries or cares, raccoon
B7 E6 E7 and when the sun goes down the backyard's theirs, raccoon
A Gdimoh they vivisect cats and eviscerate dogs
E C#7they're bold as brass and bossy as hogs
F#m Bthey made me write this tune
F#m B(whistling)
E6 BaugRaccoon
E C#7you can scream and stomp and throw a holy fit, raccoon
B7 E6 Baug but they'll just look at you like you're an idiot, raccoon
E C#7my cousin tried to stab one with a patio chair, raccoon
B7 E6 E7 it went away and came back, you know it really didn't care, raccoon
A Gdimis that a motorbike, is that an Uzi going off
E C#7no it's a baby raccoon stuck in the neigbour's eavestrough
F#m Bwell mom and dad will be along soon
F#m B(whistling)
E6 E7Raccoon
(instrumental break)
E C#7you can fortify your trashcan with titanium netting, raccoon
B7 E6 Baug but in the morning it'll look like an Australian wedding, raccoon
E C#7they're organized and networked and i know they're up to something, raccoon
B7 E6 E7 they're forming lobby groups and going after federal funding, raccoon
A Gdimaah they hold their ground, and they stare you down
E C#7because they rule the roost and they run this town
F#m Bnatures hired goon
F#m Bno use for a knife, fork or spoon
F#m Bto the moon, Rocky, to the moon!
E Am ERaccoon!
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