Misc Unsigned Bands – Word And Life Worship - We Will Worship You chords

Left handed
We will worship You   Key G  (alt key E)
Written by Andrew Graham and Chantel Ackerman
Tempo 69   4/4

.GGreat, great You are
. EmSon of man morning star
. C DYou gave Your life took our sins
. Em DYou rescued me
verse2 First, first and last You are our rock safe in your hands Hiding place we find our strenth You rescued me (. D E) Chorus
. A D We will worship You for Your love so true
. Bm EYou are great You are good
. F#m Righteous is Your name
. DMighty God always the same
. F#m A EOur honour is to worship You
Instrumental: .D A D E Bridge
.DThis is our praise
. AOur voices we raise
. DTo You on the throne
. EAnd unto the lamb
Structure: intro, verse1, verse2, Intro, verse2, Interlude, chorusx2, instrumental, bridgex4, chorus...
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