Misc Unsigned Bands – Semi Automatic Double Decker Bus - Telegram tab

This song is by a small Perth band formed in Leederville Tafe. Pretty cool tune.

b = Bend
r = Release Bend
p = Pull Off

Main Riff---------------------------|---------------------------|---5brp3p0--5brp3p0--------|---------------------3-3---|---------------------------| Play this a few times---------------------------|
Eventually it plays the same riff but instead of playing those individual 3s on the D string , play an F Power chord from the E string.
Chorus----------------------------|----------------------------|--------10--9---------------|--5-5-x-10--9--2-2-3--------|--5-5-x-8---7--2-2-3--------| and this repeats 3 or 4 times.--3-3-x--------0-0-1--------|
Haven't got the solo yet , if i take the time to figure it out i'll add it on.
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