Misc Unsigned Bands – Runaway Dorothy -takes A Lot Of Love chords

			     TAKES A LOT OF LOVE - runaway dorothy
Tabbed by:KP

Tuning:Standard Capo II
(Chords Relative to Capo)

INTRO Am   C       Fmaj7/C         C           Fmaj7/C            C               G            Am
Am CI'm gone
Fmaj7/C CAnd you've moved on
Fmaj7/C CStill a lot of love left between us
G AmWas never shown
I'm not far away Ain't never coming back Still see you from where I'm standing From the other side of the track
Fmaj7/C G Takes a lot of love
AmTo leave you alone
Faded pictures On our bedroom walls Show I lived we used to live Before I was called Now you share with another Your hopes and your dreams Guess I'm just a memory Of a life you used to lead Takes a lot of love To leave you alone *Harmonica Solo Chords Fmaj7/C C G Am Fmaj7/C C G Fmaj7/C C G Am Fmaj7/C C G I'm gone And you've moved on Just barely out the door Now youÕre lying in someones arms I'd be there But the Lord he called me home Guess I'm finally learning What I should have known Takes a lot of love To leave you alone
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