Misc Unsigned Bands – District 24 - I Cant Do This Anymore tab


Ok so this is how it goes: INTRO

VERSE (95-105 tempo)----------------x-----------------------|-----------------x----------------------|--------7---7---------------------------|5---5---7---7---------------------------|5---5---5-5-5-5-------------------------|3-3-3-3---------------------------------|
SOLO: (REPEAT INTRO 4 TIMES, FAST.) LYRICS: "I heard your doin' okay But I need you to know I miss you I want you I can't live without you Since you broke us up I can't stop thinking How much you really meant to me but (it) never showed I took you for granted You and my brain are best friends They are always on my mind Since we are apart I'm lonely I'm scared I'm missing you most of all I should've tried harder To keep you mine But i'm a loser and a quitter So just leave me alone!" (Chorus) "Baby i'm sorry For what i've done This will never happen again You are always in my mind Your name is on repeat. repeat. Over and over again! Yeah!" (Verse 2) "I can't believe this happened It was all my fault You can blame me for everything I would do anything Just to hold you in my arms But my chance is lost forever Just to see that smile On your gorgeous face Makes the cacoons hatch in my stomach Here we go!" (To Chorus) END
RYTHYM GUITAR---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---3*----------------------------------|3*-------------------------------------|
* = Hold for 2 counts NOTE: So if you liked the song, but wanna play it on the acoustic, you can!
(ACOUSTIC) (THIS IS THE VERSE, CHORUS COMING SOON)--------------------------------------------|3-3--3-3------------------------------------|0-0--2-2------------------------------------|0-0--0-0------------------------------------|0-0-----------------------------------------|3-3-----------------------------------------|
G5 D5
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