Misc Unsigned Bands - Kyle Forester - Fan Of Shades chords

Here is a sweet song from the motion picture "Breaking Upwards" (2009).

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: Am  C  Em  D Am

G Em CI picked a colour long ago to suit my tawdry tales of woe,
Amand now it doesn't fit.
G Em CMy friend who's a fan of shades traveled to the ever glades,
Amand asked if I'd come with.
G Em CThere's no one that I would rather see, she's a special friend to me.
AmBut I feel I'd be leaving you behind.
G Em CThat's the game of love and war, choose the side you're fighting for.
AmSee if there's a white flag to be raised.
AmI know it's not a fair assessment,
Am Em D Cbut I can't be asked to wrestle with the colours of who you've now become.
Am C'Cause you and I, we're not the same, and neither can be held to blame.
Em D CIt's just the way the story has to end.
GBeing here and being there.
Em C AmThere's no space for being where I feel I should be.
GLoneliness is like a drink,
Em C Am think you're on the verge of sinking when you tame the sea.
Am Interim's are good for suckers
Amfeeling like they're down on luck,
Em D Cand I'm not gonna drown in my own tears.
Am C Em DI can't ask you anymore to be the one that I adore only when the time is
Cright for me.
GSo let's just be
Outro: Aaah (and whistle) G Em C Am G Em Am G Em C Am G Em C Am G Em C Am G Enjoy! /Holstansen
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