Misc Unsigned Bands - Lewis Watson - 3 tab

I don't know the chord names but, for the sake of ease I shall call them 1, 2, 3 etc

Hope this helps and thanks for your constant support!
If you play the chords along with the song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCgq_mokAaU) 
you should get the strumming and stuff :)

Intro/This ain't no home/Taking shortcuts/Close my eyes... 1 2 3 4 2E-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------|G--1------2------4-------6-------2--------------------------------|D--2------4------6-------7-------4--------------------------------|A--2------4------6-------7-------4--------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
...I'll get on my knees/but now you're gone/that I can't go on... 1 3 4 5 2E-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------|G--1------4-------6-------8-------2-------------------------------|D--2------6-------7-------9-------4-------------------------------|A--2------6-------7-------9-------4-------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus A C#m EE--5------4-------------------------------------------------------|B--5------5-------9------------9------------9------------9--------|G--6------6--------------9------------9------------9--------------|D--7------6-------------------------------------------------------|A--7------4-------7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7-----------|E--5--------------------------------------------------------------|
Bridge (So that's that...) A E C#m E AE--5------7------4-------7------5------|B--5------7------5-------7------5------|G--6------8------6-------8------6------|D--7------9------6-------9------7------|A--7------9------4-------9------7------|E--5------7------x-------7------5------|
...You just leave me to love... x2 C#m E AE--4-------7------5------|B--5-------7------5------|G--6-------8------6------|D--6-------9------7------|A--4-------9------7------|E--x-------7------5------|
VERSE 1 This ain't no home, it's hardly a house and when you're not around, I'm hardly myself. You had to leave, just like everyone else. I'll get on my knees. VERSE 2 Taking shortcuts away from it all. Where am I heading? I'm still unsure. You said you'd catch me, or at least break my fall but now you're gone. CHORUS Now I'm sat here, taking the blame. Maybe if I had said something different, your mind would've changed? I couldn’t have been more wrong, because you left as soon as you came. VERSE 3 Close my eyes, wish you were here. I miss your presence, my dear. But now that you've gone, I can see crystal clear that I can't go on. CHORUS BRIDGE So that's that, there ain't nothing I can do, or say. Well, it's a long way back so I guess I'll be on my way. Am I three words too late? and is it goodbye to me and us? Whilst I love you and leave you, you just leave me to love. VERSE 4 This ain't no home, it's hardly a house and when you're not around, I'm hardly myself.
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