Misc Unsigned Bands – David Dimuzio - Im By Your Side chords

Tab By: Mandy

CAPO: 1st Fret

Hawak Kamay (English Version)
Original Tagalog version written by: Yeng Constantino

STANZA 1: G Em7 Cadd9 D (2x)Sometimes you're pinned to the ground by the weight of the problem
Sometimes the world can spin you around, till you could scream out Why won't it end now?
PRE-CHORUS: Am Em C D (2x)You could look up to the heavens
Someone up there's listening to us Or maybe you could call on me You always know at any time
CHORUS: G Em7 Cadd9 D (2x)I'm by your side
Through the rain, though the night, every fight In a world that has no guarantees I'm by your side Hand in hand through the days that see us laugh and cry Sa mundo ng kawalan
STANZA 2: G Em7 Cadd9 D (2x)Sometimes the world breaks apart, underneath
The trust upon which you set your weary feet The current pulls you towards disaster, you swim to break free REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS
BRIDGE: Em7 G Cadd9 D (2x)You're not alone now, I'm not that far
Always know that you're a shooting star You're never alone, Never Alone REPEAT CHORUS
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