Misc Unsigned Bands – The Pretty Blue Guns - The Ride chords

Artist: Pretty Blue Guns
Album: Shed Your Skin
Song: The Ride (feat Mandi Lizamore)

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: Bm D Bm A

Bm D Bm AIts been a long time coming, tryin to figure out
Bm D Bm AWhy this love, it dont grow strong
Bm D Bm AIt took a lot of talking, trying not to shout
Bm D Bm ABut we just dont get along
I got the night in my eye, you got the sun on your cheek Treading on this holy ground Our hearts grow heavy and our legs go weak Tryin to carry this load around Chorus:
Bm A BmSo dont feel bad, mama dont feel low
Bm D Bm AThat this drive, it didnt work out
Bm D Bm ACause being lonely, being lost aint that bad
BmYou know The Ride is what its all about
Verse Chorus Bridge:
A BmI killed a snake and I made a pair of boots for you
A BmThats all there is to it, theres nothing more I can do
A BmOh, I got love in my heart, but I aint got none for you
A BmI got love in my heart, but I aint got none for you
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