Misc Unsigned Bands - Heidi Shaffer - You And I chords

Capo 4
Girl Verse 1:
Dm Am E/G# Am When the world begins to end
I will still be here my friend So open your heart Open your mind Tonightís the night for you and I Guy Verse 1: Give it time, give it some space Don't you fret my love, my heart will find it's way Neither the mountains or the seas Can keep you away, away from me Soon I'll be where, your beautiful eyes can see Chorus: Dm G C Am
Dm G C G/B Am Letís dance away like two birds in the sky----
--- Letís forget the day like 2 butterflies I know, you know, and You know, I know, that This moment was made for you and I Verse 2:
Dm Am E/G# AmCan you hear the stars tonight
Greet the moon while passing by Can you feel the love Stirring tonight Making sense of ouór time Verse 3: Can you see the sun peek out To see what beautyís all about You shine like the starts, with love deep as night I think Iíll fall into your sky Bridge: F G C Am
F G Am Lets dance the night away
Like two birds in the sky of gray Lets take this moment cause it's not too late Take to the sky and fly away
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