Misc Unsigned Bands – Joe King - I Will Always Love You chords

Its not perfect, but its playable. 

G G/F# Em DI loved you long before you met me
G G/F# Em DAnd then you gave your life to me
Am Am7 D C DBut should one day you turn and walk away
Bm Bm7I will always love you
Am Am7I will always love you
GI will always love you
D GYes I will, I always will
My love will never cease towards you But should I have a change of heart It is because my heart has ceased to beat When all around you seems in darkness When you have plumbed right to the depths No pit is so deep I'm not deeper still And when the day has almost ended When evening comes and walls you in When there is no one else to comfort you Here are my arms for you to cling to Here are my wounds where you can hide Here are the tears that I have cried for you My love is constant as the sunrise As changeless as the stars of night My child, as sure as the returning tide
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