Misc Unsigned Bands - Stephen Sondheim - Pretty Women chords

Gmaj7Pretty women
Gmaj7Sipping coffee,
Am7 Pretty women
D9 Are a wonder
Gmaj7Pretty women!
Bm7 Cmaj7 Sitting in the window or
Bm7 F#11Standing on the stair
Em7 A Am/D D7Something in them cheers the air.
Gmaj7 Pretty women
Gmaj7 Stay within you,
D/E Glancing...
Am7Stay forever,
D9Breathing lightly...
Gmaj7Pretty women,
Gmaj7Pretty women!
Bm7 Cmaj7 Blowing out their candles or
Bm7 F#11Combing out their hair,
Em7 AEven when they leave
Am/D D7They still are there.
D7They're there
Gmaj7 Ah! Pretty women,
At their mirrors, In their gardens,
Am/G Letter-writing,
Flower-picking, Weather-watching.
Gmaj7 D/E How they make a man sing!
Am7Proof of heaven
Das you're living,
Gmaj7 Pretty women! Sir!
Gmaj7 Pretty women! Yes!
Gmaj7 Pretty women! All of them!
Pretty women! Pretty women! Pretty women, Pretty women
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