Misc Unsigned Bands – Paradise Fears- Fall On Me chords ver. 2


C#m, E, B, A

C#m She said "you're going insane",
EJust promise you'll drop my name,
B AWhen you drop off the face of the planet,
C#m You took me for granted,
ENow I'm finding my way home alone,
B ALeaving you swallowing silence for two,
Just blame it,
C#mAll on me,
EFall on me,
B AFall on me now,
E B Tell all of your friends (all of your friends),
C#m All that remains to be said,
A Three little words and the end,
E B You can take it all back (take it all back),
C#mOr watch this all fade to black,
Your problem, you claim it,
AJust turn your back and blame it,
That repeats through the whole song. The bridge is the same as the verses.
C#m C#m Fall on me
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