Misc Unsigned Bands – The Village Church - God Of Victory chords


Bm7  G  D  A  x2

[Verse 1]
D A Bm7O God have mercy, reveal to me my sin
AThe guilt the shame the darkness
Dinnate within
F#mThe blood of Jesus washes
Bm7and makes me clean
ACondemned now I’m pardoned,
Gonce bound now I’m free
A G (A)=>Now I’m free
A G ATo the God of victory, all glory be
Bm7 ATo the One Who’s conquered all
G AEvery tongue will sing to the risen King
Bm7 DOh the wonder of it all
G A Bm7Just to think that You love me
A G A DA wretch like me, Aloud I will rejoice
[Verse 2]
D A Bm7O Father of my spirit, O King of all my days
ALead me to repentance
Dby Your amazing grace
F#mO may my sin be bitter
Bm7so Christ will be sweet
A GI trust in Your promise, life eternally
A G (A)=>Life eternally
[Chorus] [Bridge] x2
Bm GSing is loud, shout it out
D ARejoice, rejoice
Bm7 G D AJesus is King, Victorious
Em Sing is loud, shout it out
Bm7Rejoice, rejoice
G AJesus is King, Victorious
[Chorus] x2 [Bridge] (1st half played twice)
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