Misc Unsigned Bands - From Dark - A Winters Passing chords

Song Name: A winters passing

Artist: From Dark
Album: The Illusion of Color

Chords by: Kotov Vasily

E mail: kotov_vasily@mail.ru

Tuning: E B G D A E (Standard)

Sequence of chords:
D [x 3 2 0 0 0] -> F -> Am -> G*****************************************************************************
D F AmWas I a fool to think, how the life could get this far
GAll the lessons that i'm missing
DI've kept them in the dark
F AmI never saw the signs religious pass me by
G I follow blindly
DBut how can I come this far
D F Am GYou only brace to break
(All the lessons that i'm missing)
D F AmI can't replace to stay
G(I follow blindly)
******// All song is played these four chords, with change only a rhythm! Good Luck!!
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