Misc Unsigned Bands - Chapter Eleven - Canoes To Campfires chords

An amazing song by an amazing band :D



Verse and chorus:


other bits in between:



Sat atop a monument in the city that took me in, 
But, give it a week, and Iíll be on the road again 
A road Iíve travelled, unravelled, and searched hardest to find 
Some distraction, or passion, if only for one night. 
I prayed for some redemption for my beat-up leather shoes, 
Watched that bus roll out of Kingsway, 
Then squashed in next to you, 
And I saw tail lights all that night, as you made my arm your rest 
In that tiny Fiat Panda, as it made its way out West. 
In tired, tipsy dialects we sang, 
As we welcomed in the small hours, watched the sun come up again. 

Well, you can have your anger, 
ĎCause I still have my pride, 
Itís just a crying shame that Iím to blame 
For fucking up your life. 
I donít know where the time has gone, 
But I can tell you this, 
Sometimes the best of us get tarred and feathered 
When we mess with stupid kids. 

Iím not one for lamentations, and I donít sing the blues, 
But when youíre faced with contradictions, 
Then youíre forced to pick and choose 
As weíre bound for life, bound for strife, for a world dimly-perceived, 
Weíll keep on and on that road again, in the Spirit of the Beat. 
If I could take that trip once more, if I could take it back 
If youíd be my Moriarty, I could be your Kerouac 
Iíve been levelled, dishevelled, and stayed up all night long 
Over-arguing the splitting hairs with the girl who did you wrong. 
Back in that ancient month of May, 
When the synapses were firing, and death was far away. 

Sat atop a monument of a heart ripped clean away, 
Iíve watched the world turn, as itís watched me stay the same 
With a confession, a lesson, the beginnings of a song 
About a girl who lives in Swansea, a girl whoís been and gone. 

Rwyín dy golli di, my dear, 
As youíre twisting on the wind, 
I can only watch you disappear.

enjoy :D
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