Misc Unsigned Bands – Bethan Mary Leadley - Backstabber chords

Verse 1:
EmCan I see
COr is this my imagination
GFrustration fuming through my head
EmDarkness seeps through light
This is shite Wanna' fight
CWanna stay the away from me
GCause you don't see.
EmYou're a back stabber
CHave you heard that everybody thinks you're a saint
GNot a single complaint
Is bothering making because they think that you're innocent
EmYou are a backstabber
CSo why don't you just sod off to your perfect world
GMaybe you should see, what's its like to be me.
Verse 2: Such a smile of grace How do you face me after what you've done You're a mess, Don't Protest I can see through you hun. Don't dismiss my smile You are vile You can't even tell right from wrong and if you can I thought you were a better man Chorus
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