Misc Unsigned Bands – Bethan Mary Leadley - Standing On Tiptoes chords

This is from the chorus onwards.

A G But when you look away you'll be thinking of someone else,
'Cause I will never be good enough.
A AAnd when you hang up the phone, I am all alone again.
'cause I will always be your nerdy friend. Verse 1:
DDrinking beer and alcohol,
ADoing things that inside make you feel small.
C G Doing things you'll regret the next morning,
DComing home at 3am.
AKick off your heels as you plan your revenge,
C G 'cause I know that.
Chorus Bridge:
C9 G E A 'Cause I don't want to be another girl you use and leave stranded
C9 G E A I wanna be the one you dance with.
C9 G E AI wanna be with you, the way I think you want me too.
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