Misc Unsigned Bands – Tustric - Empty Soda Can tab


Artist: Tustric
Song: Empty Soda Can
Album: n/a (haven't made yet)
Tabbed by: thedevilsguitar

Chords used:

CHORUS: ---------------------------------------------------------|
A D A D A D E A D A D E x5 strums per chord |---------------------------------------------------------|
Lyrics: Verse 1: The sky turns to red I feel like I am dead There is no more happiness So I will just confess I've been searching but I never found The darkness starts to come around I feel trapped, no way out There's nothin' else to talk about To take my own life Is to be cut by a f****** knife! Chorus: I can't be saved, i'm in this cell So it looks like I just fell No one even understands Just like an empty soda can! Verse 2: Why can't you just listen? It seems like you've gone fishin' Nobody knows what i'm goin' through I feel like my soul is in a zoo There's no such thing as a rescue Shut your mouth 'cause no one asked you I'm pretty d*** sure i'm goin' to hell So i'm locked up and ready in my shell
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